Feature Backlog

Features planned for future Releases

Feature Backlog

List of features I plan to implement, in random order. In case you have a special need or feature request please let me know using the contact form or via traX support on Twitter.

  • Actitvities:
    • Read current heart rate from apple health & give accustic feedback in case the heart rate breaches a configured maximum value
    • Add Auto-pause/-resume for outdoor activities (with announce and colored indicator for auto-pause/manual pause)
    • Summary page: Show values summed up in list for activity complete and exercises
    • Allow navigation during a activity is in progress
  • Statistics:
    • Update values on start
    • Verify values are collected correctly (based on location, km and miles might get confused)
    • Add additional reports
    • Show stats by day/week/month/year
  • Workouts:
    • Start activity from workout-lists
    • Add quickstart feature for one-click activity start (using the last workout as template)
  • Exercises:
    • Compact view
    • Add super set feature: combine 2 or more strength exercises to a super set
    • For Strength Exercises change weight from int to double plus add wheel picker
  • Dashboard:
    • Settings: Order dashboard content
  • Misc:
    • Allow save images, take pictures at activity and exercises
    • Make sure km or miles and kg and lbs are calculated and displayed correctly
    • Menu: Swipe in and out function
    • Read/save heart rate from apple health
    • Health Import feature
    • Context help
    • Change navigation to button bar at bottom
    • iCloud synchronisation for data and user settings
    • Personal goals, week/month/year
    • Add widget displaying current activity / stats
    • Themes for app + selectable icons
    • Add more workout-types/sports
    • Apple Watch App
    • Various settings like units and exercise start types during activity
    • Data cleaner function (on start/update)
  • Mysterious functions (kind'a confidential 🤫)
    • TIME WARP Mode
    • COACH Mode
  • trax-app.de
    • Add album/screenshots

Backlog Features Implemented


  • Move Release Notes to website


  • Donation function
  • Home-Button
  • Search function in activity, workout and exercise list


  • Record/display/save altitude for outdoor activties
  • Altitude: Calculate altitude up and down & save/display on exercise
  • Split times: Save split times & pace for cardio sessions
  • Split times: Announce split times (setting) and/or give haptic feedback per km (setting)
  • Rework UI: remove tabbar menu, add buttons, load detail in sheets