Known Limitations

Limitations or Features not implemented

Known Limitations

List of known issues and limitations, bugs or missing features. In case you have a special need, found a bug or want to request an enhancement please let me know using the contact form or via traX support on Twitter.

  • When adding/removing exercises to a workout the exercise count in workout list does not get updated, exercise number is set correctly but list gets updated only if you select other tab and come back
  • Statistic values, ie calories, might not be added after session has finished
  • When adding new workout the workout overview list is shown instead of add exercises dialog
  • Running/Cycling map preview sometimes is not centered so parts of the route are not displayed (that is only true for the preview, when opening the maap the whole track is available)

Limitations fixed


  • Installation on unsupported device does warn the user, nevertheless the app will work with some limitations like no Apple Health sync
  • Cardio Workouts calories are now calculated when location tracking is inactive
  • Apple health synchronization is only done when opening profile